Become the reference for Marine Services in West Africa with a focus on safety, security and the environment.

About Us

Copremar is a Congolese company providing off-shore and port logistical services to the African maritime industry, most specifically the provision of towing services.

Established in 2014, Copremar is based at Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo and specialises in towing offshore terminals, as well as providing port and operations assistance and operates at the Djeno terminal.. The company’s activity includes the various major economic projects taking place in the Congo, the most recent of which being taking over the provision of towing services of the Port Autonome of Pointe-Noire.

Copremar’s objective is to become a major player of the Congolese and eventually the whole sub-Saharan maritime industry, offering important insights into development and improved/maximised profitability. Its ambition is to develop a sophisticated business offering the best possible service to clients in a relationship of complete trust and transparency while adding value to its partners.

Copremar’s client base mainly comprises the principal oil exploration companies, but also includes the major international ship-owners from around the world. Copremar takes pride in responding to the needs of these clients while complying with sophisticated quality requirements.

Standardising system feedback and processes results in first rate data and communication systems which assists Copremar in the provision of an effective, well-structured service to its clients.

Conforming to the strictest international standards, Copremar is well placed to respond to the demanding requirements of the large international and national maritime companies. Benefiting from a long term contract at the outset, Copremar has since proved itself to be a first class player despite its relative youth.

It is supported by an effective management and financial structure provided by national and international partners

Copremar aims to be a first-class player, respected and renowned.



Copremar constantly strives for operational excellence.

Risk management is one of Copremar’s priorities. Its teams constantly strive for operational excellence. Its management nurtures a culture in which personal safety is the priority whether on land or sea, but also caring for property and the environment. Copremar is committed to its core values and adherence to the highest international standards (the ISM code, SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC…) is central to all Copremar’s services. This commitment starts at director level and continues through management to all levels of the company.

The ISM code provides a framework for marine operations management and pollution prevention.  The safety and security of its personnel is important to Copremar which endeavours to provide a sound working environment to strict standards.

Copremar carries out high risk operations and is committed to environmental protection. Management will not permit commercial pressure to impair the company’s commitment to respect the highest health and safety standards.

Management commitment is vital but information sharing is also essential to build and maintain a culture which prioritises safety. With this in mind, Copremar continually works to improve itself by analysing “near miss” incidents. This is done in a trusted environment in which individuals are encouraged give details and to share safety related information.

Our Quality Policy, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) is applicable to all personnel involved in Compremar’s activities, whether employee or sub-contractor.

The QHSE objectives are:

  • A commitment to be considered by our clients as a company of the highest quality.
  • Prevention of accidents or injuries of any nature to any individual connected with Copremar’s operations.
  • Prevention of damage to the environment, especially the marine environment.

To prevent loss or damage to property whether owned by Copremar or its clients or sub-contractors. A technical support contract enables Copremar to provide continuous, effective, sound and reliable services. Operations are managed and controlled by the Operations Manager under supervision of the General Manager who ensures that services are provided without interruption but without compromising the rigorous safety requirements of national and international laws. The Operations Manager manages the various ship management services including purchasing and human resources while also ensuring conformity with national and international marine regulations, etc.

Local Content

As well as being a local content company, Copremar is committed to a training strategy and to the development of its Congolese expertise. The aim is to create jobs for the Congolese and to promote the development of local businesses. Copremar is itself 100% Congolese and has a policy of employing local skill where possible, but appreciates the need for initial international expertise.  With its knowledge and understanding of the “local content”, Copremar has even been able to facilitate its clients’ alignment with local regulatory requirements while still protecting their investments. Most oil companies’ strategies are closely linked to the requirement to function with “local content” and Copremar is completely engaged with these policies which help simplify their work.

Copremar hires Congolese seafarers to ensure that the operation of its vessels strictly confirm to the regulatory requirements of the “local content”.

Finally, educating and training are a key priority of the Copremar’s board of directors. Copremar is investing in the creation of a competent and skilled workforce by the development of a training programme which has been put in place for its Congolese personnel.


The team at your service

Copremar is made of skilled men and women whose expertise enables the company
to control risks and to rise to the challenges it faces.

Anatole Bagniakana

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Benoît Frouin

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Justine Loemba
Operations Manager

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Marlyse M’Bitsinzila

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Flore Tathy
Operations Assistant

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